About Sophia

About Sophia

Natural wisdom

The name “Sophia” means “wisdom” in Ancient Greek language. I am a curious person and love to learn, especially about (natural) health.

I believe in the wisdom that is nature, because it can lead us to a balanced and healthy life. I see my role as the guide who can share this wisdom. In such a way that I can guide and support you in discovering your true nature.


I am the daughter of a Dutch father and Costa Rican mother. Traveling is my life and has always been a big passion of mine. I have been traveling and living abroad a lot throughout my life, in Asia, India, Australia and (Latin-)America.

The journey within

My vision on traveling has developed in recent years. From exploring the world when I was younger, towards an inward journey that I have been experiencing in recent years. I see it as an exploration of my true self.

Nature’s wisdom

Natural medicine learns me who I truly am. I used to take my body, my health, for granted. I saw my body as a ‘vehicle’ that always had to perform at its best.

Since I have been studying and practicing natural medicine, I have learned to better understand my needs, and put effort in living by them. This has improved my overall health, my self-acceptance and self-confidence, making me feel stronger than ever.

Go on this exploration of your true self

Experience how your physical, mental and emotional health can improve by living and eating in a way that really fit you. Explore a life that is you!

Contact me for questions and appointments via info@sophiareuser.com or DM me on Instagram: @sophiareuser.