Around the world 🌎

Around the world 🌎

Almost a year ago, I went on this adventure to follow my path. To go on a journey of discovery to and within my Self. Into the unknown. I had to let go of almost everything I had. It no longer served me. This was something I had to do, I didn't see any other way.

This adventure has been beyond my expectations. It has become the most special year of my life. Traveling for 10 months, that feels like 10 years. I have learned so much. It feels like I've traveled through time.

One of the most special experiences was being able to reconnect with Costa Rica, an important part of my heritage. A part of me has awakened, that was ‘asleep’ for a long time. This also made me look at my other home country The Netherlands with a different perspective. I realize how grateful I am, with both countries that form my roots. Together they create a unique basis for me, full of wisdom.

I also learned that I am not dependent on my own house to consider myself home. I now experience that “home is where the heart is”, where I am with the one(s) I love. That is what I think gives life color and warmness, and  makes me feel free and independent.

This adventure is coming to an end. And that's good, we are ready to complete the cycle. I'm curious what’s going to happen. But for now we will fully enjoy this paradise ofUvita in Costa Rica, where the dark jungle reaches to the wide beach and the Pacific Ocean.