Destruction and creation

Destruction and creation

Our trip through Japan was very special.

The theme that dominated this trip was letting go of, or destruction of our (old) lifestyles with certain expectations and patterns that didn’t nourish us, but sucked the life energy out of us.

However, it’s easier to hold on to something you know than let go and wander into the unknown. What if that isn’t going to be better? What if we can’t do it?

Well, last year, in 2022, we stood up and chose for our selves. For our life to thrive. We simply couldn’t and didn’t want to live a life that didn’t nourish us, that didn’t give us energy. That wasn’t us.

We let go of our house and almost all of our belongings to travel the world. To experience the ultimate feeling of freedom and see what will happen. We are so thankful we can do this. Even though at some times (a lot of times!) it can be challenging and scary. But it’s very welcome and very much needed. We learn so much from it. Every moment.

We are very much looking forward to 2023. To create our own, new space in where we can grow. First destruction, then comes creation. Let’s go through the gate.