Detox lemon water

Detox lemon water

This is my new favorite drink: lemon water with Celtic sea salt. Super refreshing and great to flush out the toxins. I like to use lemon essential oil because it's super concentrated but of course you can also use fresh lemon juice. Did you know that Gisele Bundchen starts her day drinking this? Scroll down to the video below to see how I make this drink!

Why you should drink lemon water every day

  • Lemon is a powerful cleaner for body and mind;
  • Salt increases the digestive fire;
  • Water helps flush toxins out of the system.

How to make lemon water

  1. Put a pinch of Celtic sea salt or rock salt on a teaspoon.
  2. Add 2 drops of lemon essential oil. The salt makes it easier for the oil to dilute in water.
  3. Mix in a glass of water until salt and oil are diluted.
  4. Drink 4 glasses of lemon water per day, alternating with filtered water, for a month.